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Amanda Kelley. Shop owner.

Amanda Kelley
- UBUNTU Mini Market -

Christine & Olivier Chedel. Kap Kaai Owners

Olivier Chédel & Stienie Chédel-Booysen
- Kap Kaai Wines - 


Fancy a trip to the South? More specifically, south of the African continent? The Cape region is known for its magnificent vineyards, particularly in the vicinity of Stellenbosch, where some of the best wines of the New World are produced. And those who have had the opportunity to travel to South Africa will appreciated the quality of the wines, both white and red. But it is not only the wines that are worthy of mention, but also the culinary prowess of the chefs. Franschhoek is considered the culinary capital of South Africa with its international cuisine and local flavours. And the continent's northernmost country is also home to Biltong, a spicy dried meat that is highly prized by the southern African population.

If this inspires you, then you must visit UBUNTU Mini Market, a multi-faceted shop located at Rue des Moulins 10, in the Old Town of Versoix. The gallery is primarily a meeting place. It includes a South African wine shop under the name 'Kap Kaai' (the name refers to the quay in the Port of Antwerp where ships from Cape Town dock), a shop selling Southern African and English products... In addition, durning the summer, a large lounge-like terrace invites you to enjoy a glass of wine or an afternoon tea with the best home-made cakes in the region.

The idea for the two-part collaboration came from Amanda Kelley. She takes care of the food products that are popular with expats, such as spices, sauces, puddings, jellies and, of course, tasty South African beers and ciders. Stienie Chédel-Booysen is responsible for the Kap Kaai wine shop, she will advise you with skill and charm on the large selection of South African wines and will let you taste some typical Cape wines.

"It's a place that transports you to another continent".. South Africa is full of spectacular landscapes, world-famous wildlife parks, beaches, dynamic cities like Johannesburg and Cape Town, one of the most hip and relaxing cities in the world. Indeed, travelling there means immersing oneself in a fascinating country with a long and eventful cultural and social history: from the ancient cultures of the San to the time of colonisation, first by the Portuguese, then by the Dutch and the British, leading to wars between the Zulus and the British, then between the British and the Afrikaaners, the descendants of the Dutch, followed by the painful period of apartheid and the return of democracy under Mandela.

A visit to UBUNTU Mini Market will give you that feeling of exoticism and discovery in a warm setting, with beautiful photos of this southern country. Not to be missed: the typical fresh Cape Malay cape sandwiches, accompanied by a glass of Pinotage, a South African grape variety with a spicy aroma and a fine chocolate taste on the palate. A nice change of scenery in our beautiful city of Versoix.


Amanda Kelley

Stienie Chédel-Booysen

Olivier Chédel

+41 78 797 5754

+41 78 666 36 26

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